Joanna Giles - Here to help you love your look

Joanna Giles is owner, Personal Style Consultant and Makeup Artist at Love Your Look in Christchurch. She started in the beauty industry in 1993, and still loves it …“because it is all about making people feel good about themselves.”

What’s Special about the Way Joanna Helps Women Look Great and Feel Confident?

Joanna has created the simplest, easiest system to learn what colours and cuts of clothes suit you, and how to find them in the shops. She teaches it to her clients so they can do it themselves and trains other Image Consultants. ‘Love Your Look’ is the feel good style system for real women and teaches what works for you, how to shop for it and how to put it together. Her philosophy is ‘Learn it once- look great forever!’

Using the research skills from her University degree, Joanna studied the systems used by the top Image Consultants in the UK and USA. She then chose the best parts of the different systems and created a totally unique system to make it as simple and easy as possible to learn what colours and cuts suit you.
Joanna says ‘I love to do complete head to toe makeovers, but it’s important to me that clients can maintain their look after the day of the makeover. So I give them more than just a makeover. I teach my clients permanent style life skills, so that they can be their own Personal Style Consultant each day.

My job is to solve my clients’ problems. All the services I offer have been created to solve ordinary NZ women’s clothing, shopping, wardrobe, skincare and makeup problems. I equip them with the skills to confidently and permanently put those problems behind them, so they can enjoy their life, knowing that they look great and feel confident. ‘Learn from the experts and love the way you look!’

Don’t Like The Way You Look? Joanna’s Been There & Can Help You Too

Joanna has a unique perspective in the beauty and image industry. She suffered from anorexia nervosa as a teenager, and hated the way she looked. After recovering, and giving herself a ‘style makeover’, (putting into practice the systems she had learned from researching Image Consultants in the UK and USA), she found that she actually liked the way she looked for the first time in her life. As a makeup artist she naturally saw the beauty in every woman she worked with, but discovered that they often didn’t see their own beauty, and struggled with their self image, as she had done.

Joanna has a passion for helping other women to like the way they look. She is very positive when dealing with her clients and has a ‘no self-deprecating comments allowed’ Rule. She believes ‘You are perfect the way you are now, if you don’t like the way a garment looks on you, it’s always the garments fault! Find the right garment and you’ll see you looked fantastic all along. Every woman is beautiful. Beautiful is not a particular dress size, age, hair or skin colour! ‘

What Women Joanna Has Helped Have To Say

“Everyone’s noticed my new look. I’ve never had so many positive comments about my appearance…’You’ve lost weight’ – ‘You look amazing’ – ‘Can you help me look like you?” Yolanda S.
“…Feel that I’ve found my style again, a style that got lost somewhere between weight gain and children!!” Bridget H.

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