Wardrobe Full of Clothes But Nothing to Wear? Your Capsule Wardrobe Solution!

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a quick style tip from Johanna Nicholson to help solve the morning cry of "I've got a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear!"

Welcome to the world of capsule wardrobe magic.  You'll be able to create 20 outfits, from just 11 items.  This trick will enable you to wear a different outfit to work every week day, for a month.  It's also brilliant for travelling, as just 11 items will give you a different outfit to wear each day for 20 days.

Here's how it works.

Turn separates into multiple outfits by creating a capsule. 

The formula is 2+2+5=20.

All you need is two outer layers and two bottom layers that mix & match, five tops and two necklaces or scarves the same colour as the bottom layers to ‘bring the bottom colour up’ and pull everything together. 

Wear each top with each outer and bottom layer combination (4 looks per top).  As you change the bottom layer, choose the necklace the same colour.

Twenty looks from eleven items.  Magic!  You could even fit it all in your carry on baggage. 

Hope that makes your mornings easier...

Would you like some help putting your own capsule wardrobe together? Just email me at jgcosmetics@gmail.com or ring (03)385 5485,

or See the Capsule Wardrobe Formula demonstrated at our next Style Workshop or book in for a Personal Shopper or Wardrobe Plan Makeover for help to create your own!

Enjoy & have a great day,



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