Choosing Capris for Your Body Shape

Choosing Capris for Your Body Shape

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Holiday season greetings to you all!  Wishing you all the chance to relax and have a fun break with your friends and family.  In the spirit of heading away on summer holidays, I’ve decided the best gift I can give you is to help make your holiday packing experience easier & less stressful.

So in this tip I’m giving you some great tips on choosing capris to flatter your body shape so you can feel comfortable and look great while on your summer holidays (and smile rather than cringe when you see yourself in your holiday photos).

I’m about to pack myself as I head off to the North Island with my hubby and kids for our national church summer camp.  Can’t wait...

Have a wonderful holiday season and make the most of living in our beautiful country.  See you in 2015!

In this special Holiday Season tip learn:

  • How to choose Capris to suit your body shape
  • My hot picks for flattering Capris at CC Collections right now

How to Choose Capris to Suit Your Body Shape

  1. Do a quick body outline analysis.  We’re just interested in your skeletal frame or build, so ignore your size and proportions for a moment and just focus on your body outline or silhouette.

Mentally draw around yourself with chalk.  Look at the shape of the lines left behind. Are they straight lines? Does your figure go pretty much straight up and down?  You don’t really go in a lot at the waist or out a lot at the hips?  In fact as you don’t really have hips your widest point is probably the very top of your thigh bone where it joins your hips? Do you tend to turn side on and check your tummy in the mirror when trying clothes on, and never really look over your shoulder to check how your butt looks? (If this isn’t you and your ‘chalk lines’ are curvy to 3.)

2. Straight Body Outline
If this is you, congratulations you have a Straight body outline, which means (whether your a size 6 or a size 26+) you have good legs.  So choose slimmer cut capris, fitted at the hips and cut either straight in the leg, narrow in the leg or skinny and fitted to the leg.
Stay away from wider, relaxed fit Capris, as these will make you look shorter and wider than you actually are and make you feel ‘frumpy’ or ‘dowdy’.
CC Collections does a fantastic range of capris and trousers for Straights that they call Cleo.  Try Cleo Capri Bengaline Elastic Waist Twinlakes 4135Y, Elastic waist Bengaline 6/8 pant City Collections 7352Y CHERED, Elastic waist below knee length pant City Collection 7350Y Black

3. Curvy Body Outline

Mentally draw around yourself with chalk & look at the lines.  Is your body outline curvy?  Does your figure go in at the waist and then out at the hips?  Do you have more of a curvy hour glass figure, with a smaller waist and ‘child bearing’ hips?  Do you try something on and look over your shoulder in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘does my butt look big in this’?

If this is you, you have a beautiful curvy figure outline.  Curvy girls have beautiful upper bodies and busts, but often find choosing capris and other lower body garments difficult. 

You are looking for styles that fit well at the waist, and then are more relaxed through the hips and thighs.  Also look for a slightly wider leg line. Stay away from ‘skinny’, fitted to the leg styles.  The best way to check this is to look at the cut of the capris on the hanger from the side of the leg to judge the leg width. You’re looking for a slightly relaxed, rather than fitted fit.

I tell my curvy girls to look for styles ‘with hips built in’.  Styles designed for Straights will be too fitted at the hips for you and will gape at the small of your back. 

CC Collections does a fantastic range of capris and trousers for Curvy figures that they call Eliza.  The garment tag says “Relaxed through hips and thighs”.  Some of my favourites at the moment are Button on leg mid calf Capri Twinlakes 6818Y, Curvy fit elastic waist 6/8 pant Twinlakes 6302Y, Diamond Cut Out Leg 6/8 Pant Twin Lakes 6304Y

Have a great holiday season. 

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Enjoy the holidays...

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