Part Two – Spring Clean and Update Your Wardrobe

Cherry blossoms for spring

Hi Everyone,

How did you go starting to spring clean your wardrobe? 

Hope it went well and you’re starting to feel more organised for the new spring/summer season.

Today we’re going to learn

  • how to dejunk the items that you don’t or can’t wear
  • how to create a shopping list to fill the gaps in your wardrobe and
  • my hot picks for beautiful outer layers at CC Collections to make your favourite pieces work even better this season. 



  1. Dejunk the Items You Don’t or Can’t Wear

 Here’s a trick if you find this challenging... (and I do understand that “Oh no, but I can’t get rid of them” feeling as I have the same problem with hoarding paper because “I might need it again one day”).  Bundle up the items you’re nervous about dejunking, put them away somewhere that is not easily accessible and write on your calendar a date in 6 months time to get rid of them.  If you have survived happily all spring and summer without them then you’ll be able to take them to a charity bin, consignment store or (for items suitable for work) a Dress for Success drop off point at Maxwell Drycleaners with a clear conscience. 


A word of warning though, don’t be tempted to open the bundle before you take it to it’s final destination!  Trust me, this is always fatal to your dejunking efforts.


  1. Write a Shopping List of the Items You Need

 Now’s the time to take another look at your favourites pile.  Ask yourself the following questions to identify the ‘gaps’ in your new season wardrobe.  This will create your shopping list of items that you actually need and will make your wardrobe work.

  • What outer layer (cardigan, jacket) did you wear with that top last spring?
  • Which tops work with that favourite jacket or cardigan (outer layers)?
  • Which trousers, skirts or capris (bottoms) did you wear with those tops?
  • Do this with accessories and shoes too

Anytime you can’t find a bottom, top or outer layer in your wardrobe to go with a favourite item you’ve just identified a ‘gap’ in your wardrobe.  Buy the items to fill those gaps and you’ll be able to make all your separates work as outfits.

  1. My Recommendations of Beautiful Spring “Outer Layers” to Get Your Started

Have fun spring cleaning and restocking your wardrobe. 

If you would like some expert help (and make it a lot more fun) just email me at or leave a message on (03)385 5485 with a couple of days/times that would suit you to talk and the best number to call you on.  Then just so I can help you best, I’ll give you a call to ask you a few questions about what you’re struggling with and give you some options of how I can help.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather...

Joanna Giles, Personal Style Consultant, Love Your LookPersonal Style Consultant

Joanna Giles (BA)

Love Your Look

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