Spring Clean & Update Your Wardrobe

Spring is here and the daffodils are blooming

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying the first signs of spring this month.  Aren’t the daffodils and spring blossom just lovely? It’s a beautiful spring day as I write this latest Style Tip with my office door wide open to let in the fresh air and the bird song.

With Spring on all our minds it’s the perfect time to think about spring cleaning your wardrobe and updating with some fresh new pieces to usher in the new season.  Spring cleaning your wardrobe and creating a shopping list of the new pieces you need this season will not only make getting dressed each morning easier, it will also give you a real psychological lift.  My Wardrobe Plan Makeover clients always give a happy sigh and tell me “I feel like a load has lifted” when we’ve finished organising their wardrobe.

Here’re some tips to help you Spring Clean & Update Your Wardrobe.

Part One:

  1. Get Everything Out

You can only organise what you can see.  I get everything out of the wardrobe and hang it on a separate clothes rack.  If you don’t have a clothes rack handy just lay everything out draped over your bedroom furniture and folded in piles on your bed.


  1. Identify Your Favourite “Go To” Items

These are the things that you wore lots last spring & summer and still love.  Put these to one side as they provide the foundation for your updated new season wardrobe.


  1. Hunt Down Items You Didn’t Wear Much (or at all) Last Season

Take a look at what you have left now you’ve put your favourite items to one side.  The chances are that what’s left are either pieces you used to love but have slowly gone out of fashion (so you don’t feel quite right in them anymore), or they might be the wrong size* or a shopping mistake that you’ve never really worn. 


 If you’re not wearing these items they’re just taking up space in your wardrobe and making it hard for you to decide what to wear each day.  Often they are the reason that you have ‘a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear”.  Have a look at your favourites pile.  This is the actual quantity of clothes that you have to choose from each day.  Often you will discover that you are due for a wardrobe restock. 


*If you often change between two sizes it’s fine to keep the ‘other size’ in a separate place. Just don’t keep it in your main wardrobe as it makes choosing outfits harder.   My rule of thumb is if an item is too small at the moment only keep it if it makes you feel great e.g. because you’re nearly at your goal and feel inspired.  If any item of clothing makes you feel bad, get rid of it.  Life is too short to get emotionally beaten up by your clothes whenever you open your wardrobe.  You’re worth more than that.


Look out for next fortnight’s Style Tip for Part Two of how to Spring Clean and Update Your Wardrobe and learn how to Dejunk the Item’s you Don’t or Can’t Wear, Write a Shopping List of the items you need and my hot picks for outer layers at CC Collections to update your spring wardrobe.

Have fun spring cleaning and restocking your wardrobe.  If you would like some expert help (and make it a lot more fun) just email me at jgcosmetics@gmail.com or leave a message on (03)385 5485 with a couple of days/times that would suit you to talk and the best number to call you on.  Then just so I can help you best, I’ll give you a call to ask you a few questions about what you’re struggling with and give you some options of how I can help.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather...

Joanna Giles (BA)

Personal Style Consultant

Love Your Look


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